Service: Video Production


Early Bird Events engaged International Productions on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to shoot content at the 2016 DFAT Australia Awards. Around 40 clips were required, interviewing foreign students from across the country and highlighting the various aspects of living, studying and working in Australia. The clips were to vary in length, from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.


As DFAT were holding events in six different cities, interviews were conducted with seven to ten students per event to achieve the best overall representation. The students were asked 18 questions each, regarding the various aspects of living and working in Australia, for example, ‘How long have you been studying in Australia?’ International Productions ensured that all content had a consistent look and feel according to DFATs particular style.

All content was shot using two Full HD cameras, the first shooting only interviews from a static position and the second, shooting interviews from different angles as well as the colour and student keynote speeches.

Post-production, the clips were edited with the best student answers being used to form an individual clip. DFAT specific graphics and fonts were used throughout the final edits to help reinforce messages and sound grabs throughout the clip.


Over 40 clips were produced for the DFAT website. All content was shot in full HD and was supplied in both Full HD and HD formats, in both ProRes (HQ) and H.264 Mpg4’s.