Service: Video Production


Dyson engaged International Productions to produce 25 high-end and on-brand product demonstration videos which clearly and simply highlighted the key features and benefits of items in their new product range. Dyson recognised an opportunity to connect with new clients and aimed to raise brand awareness, providing potential customers with a solution to their need. The videos were for use not only on Dyson’s website and social media channels, but also for broadcast on national television sales networks.


To create content for unengaged customers, International Productions managed a five-day shoot where the range of latest Dyson products were filmed to showcase the products in a high-end environment.

Shooting on two 4k Cinematic cameras ensured a premium look and feel was achieved throughout. Tracking shots were used throughout, with the presenter looking straight to the camera while delivering their lines.

To create an infomercial which viewers were able to quickly relate to on social platforms, the videos were unscripted – instead talent were well versed on the product’s benefits and features and demonstrated the product live to the camera, for a natural effect.

It was important that the ideal location was found, representative of the aspirations of the audience that Dyson required. Acting as location scouts, the International Productions team liaised closely with property agencies, working through several locations until they found the perfect, on-brand location. During the shoot, only certain props and fixtures could be seen or used in the background of shots to ensure a high-end feel and to prevent any conflicts with the Dyson brand.

International Productions worked closely with talent agencies to source approachable talent that the wider Dyson audience could relate to on an everyday level.

In order to remain on brand, International Productions enlisted the assistance of a Dyson Brand Manager, not only to provide information on the products, but also putting him in front of the camera to discuss their benefits and how they were designed for specific functions.


Over 25 product clips were produced, each varying from 25 seconds to 3 minutes in length – suitable for use on the web, social and broadcast. The video clips feature an expert, discussing the products, their benefits and demonstrating their specific design functions. All content was shot in 4k and supplied in multiple 4k, high-definition and standard definition formats for all marketing purposes.