The secret to creating a visually immersive experience at your next event

The event industry is continually looking to reinvent immersive experiences that increase guest engagement, brand connection and absorption. So, what is the secret to creating the high-end visually immersive experience you see at the Oscars or a high-production live music concert?

Firstly, we need to understand how to utilise the latest technology to enhance your event experience and deliver the next-level production.

Unlocking the hidden value of event content, is blend screen projection and vision mapping. The flexibility of blend screen projection and vision mapping removes the borders of visual creativity, with the ability to create the illusion of different shape screens, maximise the use of venue space with additional screens, and allows you to display different streams of content simultaneously.

Multiple projectors can seamlessly deliver different pieces of content simultaneously to showcase both the presentation and the speaker on screen at the same time utilising Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and live-to-screen (IMAG) imagery. Whilst this may sound simple, the multi-element content applications are endless. Content can be displayed across wide screens, wrap screens, oval and diamond shaped canvas, and the only limitation is your imagination.

Blend screen projection allows us to increase our screen real estate to showcase more content. Whether you are looking for an 80m long wrap screen that creates 180-degrees of active screen space, or an extended 12m x 4m screen with a dual projection blend – your communication possibilities are expanded to truly add a new dimension to your event.

Visual immersion is a growing trend in event production, and finding the right expertise to shape the experience you are after can be the challenge. This is where the International Production team of experts are here to help. Expertise to create content that simplifies the process, takes the headache out of your event management and even works with you to make content development enjoyable. We take blend screen content out of the too hard basket, and work with you to bring your imagination to life and add value to your event.

International Productions believes in the power of compelling event content, contact our team to take your event to the next level, and deliver a Hollywood-standard production that creates a lasting impression on guests.

Megan Peters

Event Director at International Productions and has been recognised as MEA National Event Manager of the Year.

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